June 9: No, there’s no evidence a hack called RockYou2021 exposed 8.4 billion passwords

(Photo credit: cybernews.com)
An ad for purported Yahoo passwords on a dark web marketplace — an example of how leaks from a breach can circulate and recirculate. (Photo credit: Gigazine)
Password crackers are nearly as old as the internet, and they’re not as sophisticated as many seem to think. Changes in routine security have left crackers like Brutus, pictured above, obsolete. (Photo credit: Darknet.org.uk)
  • Ethical reporting standards go out the window in tech journalism, even at “reputable” publishers or broadcasters
  • A person or entity claiming “cybersecurity expertise” may be trying to sell you something you don’t need
  • Proper password hygiene and basic cybersecurity best practices are a lot more effective than running frantically to a password checker whenever a “data breach” is revealed
  • CyberNews is definitely staffed entirely by Lithuanian basketball players




Oh geez, Josh Frank decided to go to Flatiron? He must be insane…

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Josh Frank

Josh Frank

Oh geez, Josh Frank decided to go to Flatiron? He must be insane…

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